Admissions open for Intermediate, IIT-JEE MAIN & ADVANCED Coaching.

We take in only 35 students per batch.

With over 10 years of success, Nine Education is trusted by students and parents.

We take in only 35 students per batch so that each student gets the utmost personal attention from all the teachers.

With over 10 years of success, Nine Education is trusted by students and parents.

All IITian Faculty, to ensure you
learn from the best ✅
35 students per batch,
to ensure personalized attention ✅
A stress-free place with a focus on
extracurriculars ✅

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Learn from an all IITian faculty, with only 35 students in every classroom.

The focus is always on the child.

rathlavath naveenrathlavath naveen
05:46 30 Dec 22
Nice location super school with all good infrastructure and teaching staff and sports are very good 4 star rooms 4 star food just i visited the school it was very attractive to the nature
Priyanka NaiduPriyanka Naidu
03:50 20 Dec 22
It's a useless school ..please don't waste your money and your kids future. If you are really concerned about your kid, then please don't opt this school. This school is good for nothing.
ravi Raviravi Ravi
10:18 21 Oct 22
First and foremost thing: This school management only looking for positive reviews and feedbacks. One can understand with a clear vision as they were only replying to positive feedbacks and ignoring the negative feedback in google reviews. The same case happens in reality as well. The school feedback form during PTM is having 4 point scale rather than 7 point scale. Interestingly options are: "Excellent", "Very Good", "Good" and "Not Applicable". Though that has been given as feedback to multiple levels and several times, they are lazy enough to change their process or may be they are not well groomed to understand a feedback. I did not see any positives so far. My kid education is going not so good and not so bad. But, he always insists to do not give the feedback in PTM as the teachers will point it out openly in the class. That is a clear evident that they are narrow minded. I believe PET's work in this school is to manage pick up situations rather than concentrating on sports. I hardly see my kid completed 4 to 6 activity classes so far. When you go to school to pick your kid, that is a like you are in a mob. No proper planning, guidance, managing the things. I believe guards are the best employees in this school as they have to manage outside traffic during the busy time and which they are doing their best. They have 2 receptionists and they are kind of dummy. They just sit, greet and can do nothing. The admin coordinators feels they are IAS officers and parents are nothing to them. I believe they have to increase admin and management staff of course, they have to hire smart and capable people to streamline the process.
Hajarathvali ShaikHajarathvali Shaik
03:40 17 Oct 22
School is giving more holidays..working days are very less compared to other school of CBSE which creates stressful environment to finish the syllabus in less time..Even they given holiday on Aug flag hoisting..nothing ..For term exams also giving Alternate day holiday as prepration holiday even for kids... atleast if they go to the school before the exam,they study something for the exam under the supervision of the home no way..PTM is on Friday and given the holiday on that day can you expect to come to PTM for working parents on could have kept on satday and Sunday...anyway..I am regretting that joined my daughter in this School by seeing the brand...If the same thing continues ..Will change the school next year
Chakradhar ReddyChakradhar Reddy
08:08 09 Mar 21
If you are really concerned about your kid..then please don't opt this school. This school is good for nothing...don't go by the building,playground and's all a gimmick to attract parents.I urge parents not to fall in the trap of these Corporate schools all a false pride...A local gully school is much much better than this school.This school is only for the parents who doesn't care about money and not bothered about the development of kid and they are happy as long as their kid goes to school without complaining.There is no body in this school to check whether the kid is learning something or not. They just promote them to next class irrespective of results. School is happy as long as parents pay the fee on-time without questioning anything.Bottom line's a useless school ..please don't waste your money and your kids future.

Your Teachers

K S S Sarma (IIIT Hyderabad)


Sachin Sai (IIT Kharagpur)


Mani Teja (IIT Kanpur)


Suresh Reddy (BITS Pilani)


Kumar Deepak (IIT Jodhpur)


Balaji (Osmania University)


Our Commitment

All IITian Faculty

Personalized Attention Towards Every Student

We take in only 35 students per batch so that each student gets the utmost personal attention from all the teachers. A student at Nine Education gets personalized inputs from the faculty for his/her academic growth.


All IITian Faculty

Nine Education is built by IIT Alumni who have an excellent passion to impart quality education to students. Zealous Teachers with enthusiastic learners make Nine Education the best place to pursue your child’s dreams.

Personalised attention

A Stress Free Environment

Students here enjoy a stress-free and healthy environment that accelerates learning by many folds. We include different activities apart from regular IIT training to enhance the skillset & personality of each student.

Take a peek inside Nine Education

Check Out Our Campus

Nine Education campuses are equipped with top-notch facilities to ensure students get a seamless learning experience and assistance.


  • Modern, air-conditioned classrooms
  • CCTV surveillance of campus for better security and discipline
  • WiFi-enabled classrooms for enrichment in learning
  • Online testing center to recreate a LIVE testing environment.
  • Separate hostel facilities for boys and girls

Why Nine Education?

Our high end features keep us apart

Best Teaching Approach and Style

Nine Education follows a holistic approach of teaching by highly experienced IITian faculty which keeps us unique in the educational field. This is a place where teaching is driven completely by passion.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities enrich and unleash the mind power. So, we organize regular activities like music, drama, and sports to create a very healthy progressive atmosphere.

Excellent Track Record of Results

Our exemplary results reflect the dedication and efforts that we put in to make your child an achiever; not just remaining a learner! With more than 10 years of excellence, our results speak volumes

Interactive Practice Sessions

Learning at Nine Education is not only about teaching, but also delivering conceptual clarity and in-depth understanding. Daily interactive practice sessions guided personally by our IITian faculty.

Weekly Tests & Assignments

Regular tests and assignments are the DNA of our strict regime to make sure all our students are way above the curve. Parents receive detailed performance analysis reports immediately after each test.

Motivational Sessions by Industry Experts

Apart from academics, personal morale and motivational guidance shape the character and attitude of a student. In this regard, we conduct frequent motivational and personality development sessions by experts.

Young and Approachable Faculty

Young and dynamic teachers at Nine Education ensure students are highly comfortable with the teachers. Parents can also interact with the teachers to understand their child's overall progress.

Comprehensive Study Material

Nine Education’s proprietary study material is carefully drafted by IITians to impart enough knowledge to students and ensure the student is ready to adapt to any dynamic changes in the exam pattern.

Immaculate Hostel Facility

The hostel is just a second home to our limited full-time boarders at Nine Education. We always strive to make the students as comfortable as they are at their homes with safety being our primary concern.

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